When is the last time you’ve had a headshot?

February 22, 2022

“Hey Kelsey, I love the work you do! Can we set up a headshot session?” I get this general message a lot and one thing I always have to write back is, “what kind of headshot session are you looking for?”

Headshots aren’t black and white or universal.
The style and vibe depend on your business, what you are using them for and what you want to showcase. Questions I will ask when you book with me:

  • What type of photos do you need? Traditional crop, full body, vertical/horizontal?
  • What do you need these photos for? Website, social media, print materials, Ad’s?
  • What is your message? Friendly and approachable, fun and creative, modern and dynamic or professional, serious and competitive

These can be lifestyle in more of a nature/city setting, branded, which shows what you do and can be used more for business promotion, or simple on a solid backdrop and is perfect for linkdin and company profiles.

What makes a good headshot for business?
Important things to consider when having headshots taken: Your look, your smile, what to wear, your posture and your hair, makeup, and outfit. I’ve always said men look best in blue and always tell my clients to avoid white. It’s not a good idea to wear narrow stripes, busy patterns, or layers of the same color. Your look should fit YOU and not be something you would never wear. If you are in construction, would it be best to wear a suit? Other good things to think about: Do you want to wear corporate color? Are my clothes pressed and clean? Did you try on your outfit before your photoshoot to make sure it’s not baggy, bulky, saggy, or otherwise ill-fitting. I’d you aren’t sure what will be best, bring a few different outfits to switch into. One good thing I’m good with fixing but could avoid before is to also make sure you are aware of your glasses and to think about the accessories you plan to show. Lastly, get a fresh haircut and a good night sleep.

About my headshot sessions
I did headshots here and there before 2020 but once COVID hit, this became one of my most sate after sessions I did. With everyone going online due to the pandemic, this was a time to update your headshot so that the world could see you as you are today. I offer professional editing, which can help with some things we can’t control or if something happens at our shoot. I don’t overdo this, since these photos should show who you are, but everyone can use a little love and clean up.

I was shocked to hear that the average person gets their headshot once every 6-8 years, if not more. I’ve been told so many time at sessions, “I haven’t updated my headshot since college” or “I’ve never had professional photos at all.” Because of this, many who come to me for headshots are always nervous. One thing I pride myself in is making you feel comfortable at our session so that your photo showcases who you really are! Just like a dating profile, are you going to add a photo of yourself from 4 years ago and when someone meets you, they are shocked that you look nothing like your photos?

Our session might not take the full time I slot for you to be with me, but I like to chat, get to know you and not rush so that you’re comfortable. I will play music (let me know if you have a request) and we will make sure to laugh! What the average should be for headshots is once a year for general shots and 2-3 times a year for branded sessions. Seasons change, your look changes and it might not seem important to display this correctly, first impression is key and to avoid losing a client or coming off as who you are not, making sure you budget for this in your year is important.

If you think you need a headshot and want to book with me, follow up with me after reading the above and let’s get you in the books!

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