K-Adams Foto is Now a United Way Member

August 10, 2020

This past June I had the pleasure of attending the McHenry Chamber Of Commerce Networking Scramble. This event is put on to allow local business owners and business owners, like me, an opportunity to get together and share who they are and what they do in hopes to help one another. This event helps all of us grow our businesses and build their client base. This year the Scramble was a little different since we could not meet in person. The Chamber decided to do a virtual event and it was amazing! After the event was over, we have tasks to perform so we get the most out of our time. One task was to reach out to 3 or more of the businesses who attended to book a one-on-one (coffee date) with them to gain more knowledge about them and their business and to help them understand your business. The point is to see how we can work together and help each other out. Amongst the few I met with there was Kristina with Simple Solutions, Dorothy from McHenry Market Pulse, Tom from KC Printing, and Heidi from the McHenry United Way.

When Heidi did her introduction, she spoke about the non-profit business she worked with and how they united people and resources to build a stronger McHenry County. They do this by raising money to put back into the community. This spoke to me! As soon as I heard this, I felt like she might be a good fit for a meeting as I currently work with many local businesses and non-profits here in the area and I value where I live. I reached out, and from then we hit it off!

We talked a lot over the next few weeks about what the United Way had to offer as well as what I do and how I might be able to help them! With Covid-19 sweeping the year, I felt I needed something different to help me kick start Q3 on a positive note and I decided it was giving back to my community. After less than 30 minutes talking, I knew I wanted to donate and now I am here promoting being a part of the #IPledge team! I am now among many who give back and I am so proud to support my community through the United Way.

I did finally get to meet Heidi in person about a month after our talk. She expressed how excited she was to have me on board, and we took a few photos so they could help promote me with the United Way.

“We are so grateful for your support and partnership” – Heidi Berardi

A few things I was offered with my #Ipledge was a supporter video, business campaign, a few social media posts, and to be a part of the #IGiveWednesday social media marketing. My #IgiveWednesday quote was:

“I give because I care about my community and where we are going! I want to see the place I live strive, and love doing this by capturing memories for everyone around me to share year after year and to see the growth we have over time.”

My supporter video will be launched soon and today my business campaign launches: Capture life’s most precious moments with me and help support the United Way! For every $140.00 mini session I book and shoot from now until October 31st, 2020, I will donate $25.00! Think professional headshots, senior Portraits and more! You can message me on my contact me page for more info and set up your time!

Outside of this fun venture that I’m embarking on, I also got these #ActsofLocalLove cards from them that encourage 31 days of positive movements and acts that help the community and bring yourself positivity and happiness! You can follow along with me on my Facebook and Instagram.

I challenge you and others to join and to do your part in your community. If you do not want to set up a photo-shoot, you can still support and do your part by messaging me and I will help get you started. Or you can write Heidi Berardi at hberardi@uwmchenry.org

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